Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Mini Album {Birthday Gift}

 This is a mini album I made for my cousin & best friend, Pamela, for her birthday.  It was a last minute thing - I saw my inspiration for it Friday, made it Saturday, and gave it to her Sunday, her birthday.

Wheww . . it was a relief when I finally got it done Saturday evening!

On the front I did a little pocket thing where I put some quotes I really liked in it.  All the pictures I just printed off at home, so they weren't very high quality, but they worked out okay:)

the front cover

the first page - explaining the book & a little note to Pamela

the second page - as you can see, these photo's are from our shopping trip

the third page

the fourth page

the fifth page

the 6th page (I wished I hadn't cut out the picture  .. . oh, well)

the 7th page

the 8th page

the 9th page

the 10th page

the 11th page

the 12th page

the 13th page

the 14th page

and the back cover:)

You may have noticed, but I used a set of double sided paper on this from a 6"x6" paper pad.

Hope you enjoyed:)


Out in the Fields said...

LOVE! What a treasure for your cuz

Missy said...

You are so blessed to have so many friends! Very pretty and nice gift.

Aimee @ AJcrazies by AJK said...

Thanks! Yes, I am blessed! :)