Wednesday, April 11, 2012

un-Baker's Review Wednesday 37: Orange Julius

So this week I didn't really "bake".  I threw some stuff in a blender, blended it together for FOREVER (simply because we have a stupid blender that doesn't work very good) and then enjoyed a delicious frozen drink!!

Orange Julius

frozen orange juice concentrate
ice cubes

So I have no "set in stone" amounts to make Orange Julius', so I simply dump stuff in.  Put in however much orange juice concentrate you want, then add ice cubes, some milk, a few drips of vanilla, and some water.  Blend together.  If it's to thick, add some water.  To thin?  Add ice!  Not enough orange flavor?  Add some more orange juice concentrate.

I tend to make my Orange Julius pretty thick, but you can also make it more juicy.

(You really can use sugar in your Orange Julius if you want to, but I think it's way to sweet then.  But I do know some think how mine is it's to sour.  That's okay - mine's healthier and tastes better, just so all you know!!)

Did you bake this week (or maybe not really -bake-).  Link up your recipe below!

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