Friday, June 24, 2011

What's Been Happening Around Here . . .

A girl ordered this bag a few days before the end of school so I had to hurry and make it before school was out.  I finished it the Monday before the last day of school and gave it to her Tuesday.

The last day of school for lunch I made and had cinnamon roll pancakes.  They were pretty good, especially with maple syrup poured over them, along with the icing!  Recipe here.

On the 23rd, Reid down through Clayton (7 of us kids) went to Philbrook Farms to pick strawberries.  They were delicious and sweet and it was a perfect day to be picking berries; no rain, not hot at all: just perfect:)  When we got home we went to one of my aunts birthday party thing.  Later when we got home, Mom, Rachel, & I got strawberries ready to freeze and also Mom made freezer jam.  The next day, with some more strawberries, I made strawberry milkshakes.

Yes, more about that in a different post . . . and when I'm done . . .

. . . and today I learned about this foot that goes with my Mom's old sewing machine (the one I use) that's pretty awesome.  It pretty much takes the fabric and folds it over and makes a nice & neat hem . . . awesome & easy & way less time consuming . . . Yay!!!

So that's some of what I've been doing lately:)

What have you been up to?

Have an awesome weekend!


Kulla Klan said...

Wow! I've had that machine for over 20 years and never knew a thing about that foot!!

Little Miss Doodlepunk said...

Hey! I need one of those foots!