Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chevron Quilt

I had been wanting to make this pattern for a while so I decided to make it for my cousin Pamela for her graduation.  When I went to look at fabric, I didn't really find anything like what I was thinking and I just kept coming back to this fabric because I absolutely LOVED it!  I finally decided I was just going to get it and hopefully she would like it, because I wasn't sure if it "looked" like her.  I think it turned out absolutely gorgeous, anyways . . .  :)

The front

The back

While quilting it this way took forever and was kind of frustrating, it really adds to the quilt and makes it look lovely!

And a special thank you to my mom for quilting the border for me!  I've yet to do any quilting besides "straight" line quilting!


Out in the Fields said...

Fantastic! Fabric is excellent:)

sincerely yours said...

It turned out lovely; what a special gift!