Friday, October 3, 2014

Today's Lovelies

So you know, I'm really pro.  I have this awesome camera, but yet so things go faster sometimes when I feel like posting a quick picture, I take a horrible quality and bad lighting cell phone picture.  But hey, at least I'm posting, right?!  I need to try to get better about taking good pictures though.

Anyways, today I finished the fox and diaper pouches, and then made these zipper pouches.  Love those birdies!  I decided I need to get some more of the gray bird fabric . . . can't get enough of it!

Oh yeah, open the gray chevron pouch with the red bird and inside is some lovely birdy fabric.  Makes me smile when I open it!

And since I've been wanting another zipper pouch for myself, and I love these, I decided I'm keeping the birdy and blue polka-dot one for myself.

Well, hope you all had a lovely, creative day!



Awesome . . . they all turned out great:)

finnishamericans said...

It's all so fine! I like them all.