Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh my Yum . . .

 Fresh Peaches
Delicious . . . 
. . . to eat fresh
or with ice cream
or with cornflakes for breakfast
or any number of other things!

Peeled and cut with sugar in the freezer
for frozen fruit mix.

Sliced and Canned to eat throughout the year.

But I must say . . .
when comes along that perfect peach with the perfect taste . . .
I much prefer it just peeled, sliced, and eating it fresh,
with nothing added to it.
Best. Thing. Ever.
(Or one of the best, anyways!)

Hope someone else is enjoying fresh peaches right about now!

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Aubree said...

I was checking out my blog stats and saw that I had a few visitors via your blog. I am so honored to be on your blog roll. Thanks!