Friday, November 23, 2012

BLOG SALE!!!!!!!!

These are a few things I have left from our bazaar that I wanted to put on here to see if I could sell anything else:)  The pictures were snapshots .. literally!!  But here everything is . . .

Pearl Bud Headbands - $4.50 each (I love these and wear them ALL THE TIME!!  Especially my gray one:))
Dark Purple - SOLD, Bright Pink - SOLD, White, Mustardy-Yellow(on black) - SOLD, Purple - SOLD, Bright Pink, Mustardy-Yellow(on tan), Orange, Green

The pictures of headbands on me are just to show what it looks like and they're kinda faded out because they're mirror shots:)

Lace Flower Headbands - $3.50
White Lace w/ Black Button - SOLD and Black Lace w/ Purple Button - SOLD

Button Headbands - $5.75 each (Another one of my favorites; they're so versatile and can go with pretty much anything w/ there many colors!)
Many colored version (the 4 on the left) or neutral versions (the 2 on the right)

Wearing the neutral version button headband.

Wearing the many-colored version button headband.

The Ruched Bag - $23.50  (Seriously, my favorite bag EVER!  Like you know I made a new bag for school .. I still find myself using my bag like this half the time!)
An olive-green color - Has 4 Interior Pockets

Pink Stripe Ruched Bag - $12  (Perfect for your little girl!)

The Copy-Cat Bag - $15 - SOLD
Purple & White Floral Print w/ White Ruffle & Flower - Has 2 Interior pockets

 Bible Verse Plaque - $15
Can either hang on the wall with the hook or can be set on an easel to rest on a table top

 Cards - $1.75 each
Happy Birthday! and Thinking of You Cards

Thank You Cards

Baby Cards

Cream & White Ruffle Table Runner - $26.50
A beautiful table runner!  The back is a cream print fabric and it has a layer of batting in it.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful fall!  And now it's time to start getting ready for Christmas!  What FUN!!  Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Please comment and let me know if you wish to purchase anything!  Also, please ask any questions you have; I'm happy to answer them!  Like if you want measurements or whatever . . . . 

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