Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 8-Minute Skirt & the Mini-Model Photoshoot

I had this tank top that I had cut the bottom off to make Bronwyn a skirt or dress a while ago.  Today, I saw it and decided to make her a skirt; a very quick & easy skirt: hence, the 8-Minute Skirt!!
 {I don't know how long it really took - but probably between 5 & 10 minutes.}

{this was the tank top it came from - I cut it below where the tie is}

I think the photo's turned out darling . . .

{the back}

{the front}

{cutey - pie}


{darling little sis}

{pure glee}

{perfect little princess}

This skirt has a simple elastic waist on the outside (no casing).  It was super easy to make - just stetched elastic as I sewed and then flipped elastic and ironed down.  I love the stripes - such a simple & cute skirt!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

p.s. I have another article of clothing to blog about soon . . . something for myself - Yay!!


Kaia said...

Cute skirt! And pictures!

Anonymous said...

Very cute skirt! And looks like she likes to pose for you:)

Tara said...

The skirt turned out really cute. Love the pics.

Brandie said...

Very cute! Fun to have different skirts to choose from..good job re using a tank!